"If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how later" - Richard Branson

Chris realized that in order to succeed in the world, he would have to be different.

Although a very bright child, Chris was diagnosed as being dyslexic and found normal schooling in regional NSW difficult, so he left at age fifteen. However, dyslexia had taught him to be an excellent problem solver – he needed to approach things differently than most people and this served him very well in both learning and in business.

Relationship building and his ability to get the job done have been the foundations of who he is today.

Soon Chris was known as the “go-to” person, the problem solver. He was the conduit for launching the IGA brand supermarkets in Australia and then went on to become their National Marketing and Promotions Manager. In his over 42 years of experience, what has given Chris the most pleasure is working with individuals and teams to build and grow businesses.

He has a unique way of connecting with people and helping them to recognize the value of their own special skills and talents so that they too can find creative solutions to the challenges that inevitably arise.

Now, as a professional business coach, Chris is an integral part of his clients’ businesses, assisting them in re-defining their future through his guidance, growth strategies, systemizing, people management skills and much more. “Every business can benefit from having a business coach – often it is hard enough being in business for yourself – why do it alone?”