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Why you Need a Coach

Top 8 Reasons you might need an ActionCOACH Business Coach:

1. Perspective: Coaches provide the outside perspective you need.

2. Knowledge: Coaches infuse more knowledge into your business.

3. Accountability: Having someone to answer to when achieving goals.

4. Action System: Proven systems for improving businesses for 22+ years.

5. Sounding Board: Unbiased ear designed to grow your business.

6. Team Alignment: Trained on how to work with teams to change a mindset.

7. Community: Network of vast like-minded coaches and business owners.

8. Results: Thousands of testimonials of positive results around the world.

Who is Chris Mackey

Chris Mackey is a leading business veteran and coach, and expert in his field. Chris offers practical and proven methods.

  • Delivering keynote speeches about winning teams and coaching for professional associations, executive groups and regional communities.
  • Providing top-rated business coaching for professional family businesses and high-potential leaders.
  • Teaching business owners what their numbers mean and how to use them.
  • Moving business to avoid pitfalls by having easy to follow cloud-based business plans.
  • Coaching that will set your business on a new bell curve through understanding when you need to reinvent yourself and what will happen if you don’t.
  • Maintaining a worldwide network of coaches to help address clients' questions.
  • Building relationships with your team and your suppliers through the unique “team building ” training.
  • Developing customized cultures that support business growth and prove you’re your next generation.
  • Designing customized views on “how to buy out your competition” as a growth strategy.
  • Delivering team training that helps align their behaviours with their organization’s goals through fun and interactive games.
  • Following-up and measuring the results of coaching on your business reinvention.

Call Chris Mackey on 0437 474 556 for an obligation FREE chat on the phone. Professional Family Businesses are his specialty.


" Thinking  bigger takes no more energy "

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